Daily Grain Bread
Our Daily Grain bread contains dietary fibre and carbohydrates and; like Coupland’s Daily White br..
Daily Wheatmeal Bread
Packed with Whole Wheat nutrients, our Daily Wheatmeal loaf contains soluble and insoluble dietary..
Daily White Bread
Made from unbleached flour using the inner 78% of the wheat grain, Coupland’s Daily White bread is..
Southern Plains Harvest Grain
For lovers of really grainy bread we suggest you check this wonderfully flavoursome loaf. Combined..
Southern Plains Honey & Oat
The goodness of oats, wonderful in aiding digestive health and the long established benefits of ho..
Southern Plains Soy & Linseed
Check out this wonderfully flavoursome loaf, delivering you not just great taste but the wonderful..
Southern Plains Sunflower & Barley
The nutty flavour of the sunflower seeds together with the complimentary benefits of poppy seeds &..
Southern Plains Wholemeal Grain
A delicious loaf made from wholemeal flour and grains. Net Weight: 700g..
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